Security Awareness
Conflict De-escalation & Negotiation
Project Management
Risk Management
Fraud Awareness
Emotional Intelligence
Personal Wellbeing
Workplace Cultural Awareness
Leadership Training


Training Packages

Multiple package options
Warrgambi have a training delivery team who possess specialist experience in the design, development and delivery of both accredited and non accredited training solutions. Warrgambi deliver the following training packages:

  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Security Awareness
  • Emergency & Evacuation
  • Conflict De-escalation
  • Leadership & Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Workplace Cultural Awareness

Customised training

Warrgambi has a professional training delivery team who have experience in the design, development and delivery of customised training workshops and courses. Our non accredited training workshops can be customised to align with policies and procedures relevant to our clients workplace requirements.

Case studies

DoD – Defence Science & Technology Group

In early January 2020, Warrgambi were shortlisted and selected to work on the APOLLO project for DST with the S&T Portfolio Office in the Science Engagement and Impact Division.
Warrgambi’s uniquely qualified staff assisted in the design, development, delivery and implementation of APOLLO Project workshops that have been delivered to DST staff between February and September 2020.
The initial design and implementation for the APOLLO workshops was face- to–face. With the impact of the summer bushfires and COVID-19 affecting the scheduled delivery of the nationwide face to face workshops, Warrrgambi and the training team within the S&T Portfolio Office quickly adapted to virtualise the APOLLO training whilst maintaining the delivery schedule for a Stage One at the beginning of the financial year. This enabled S&T Portfolio Office and Warrgambi to deliver fifty training sessions to more than 480 staff.

“It has been great to see the engagement and adoption of APOLLO from DST staff following the launch of APOLLO,” says acting Chief Technology Office S&T Portfolio, Richard Bartholomeusz. “Being able to leverage Warrgambi’s experience has enabled us to remain agile during a highly disruptive period and continue to deliver a high quality training experience for DST staff.”